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Our Last Blog

A few months ago I wrote about the blog being at a crossroads and not knowing where it was headed next. So many of you replied and urged me to keep at it, adding such kind and generous comments, I decided to cut back slightly but to keep the blog going.

Well, now I’ve reached another decision. The Bisheff Blog is coming to an end. This is it. This is my last one.

It seems funny now to think back to all those years I spent writing about aging athletes who didn’t know how to walk away. I always tried to empathize with them, but I’m not sure I fully understood until now.

It’s definitely difficult to leave something you love to do. I felt that way when I retired from the newspaper business a few years ago, and I feel that way about the blog.

Sports writing has been my life, and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to keep at it in this new online form. It has allowed me to write what I call mini-columns, shorter than my old newspaper pieces but still full of what I hoped were salient points and topical opinions.

But I am supposed to be retired — semi-retired, I prefer to call it — and the blog took time and research and, often, more late-night effort than I realized I wanted to give. One of the nice things about retiring from column writing was getting away from the grind of having to produce four or five pieces a week. Well, in its own way, the blog had become a grind, as well.

“So only write one or two this week,” my wife, Marsha, would tell me. “It’s your blog. You can do what you want.” But I couldn’t do it. I felt obligated to write five a week at first, then, even cutting back, I produced at least three, sometimes more. I felt I owed it to you, the readers. It was a responsibility, one that I guess had been ingrained in me from writing columns all those years.

While it could still be fun, there were days when it was beginning to feel more like a chore. That’s when you know it is time to move on to something else.

I still want to write. It’s what I do. It’s what I love. I’ve already been fortunate enough to have five books published, and when the right subject comes along, I’d be eager to take a crack at number six.

In the meantime, I’ll still do some magazine pieces and, during the football season, I’ll be writing weekly for, Garry Paskewitz’s very professional online operation.

I do want to take the time to thank all of you who have been regular readers of the blog. You have been a very loyal group, helping it steadily grow, and it’s been gratifying reading your comments and opinions. I suspect some of you are likely to be upset, but I hope you can understand my side of it.

Besides, in this new era, you can still find me on Facebook or send me e-mails. I’m afraid I’m not into Twitter yet, but you never know. The main point is, if you still want to communicate, I’ll be glad to hear from you and happy to share opinions on the Angels, Trojans, Lakers, Bruins, Dodgers or whatever.

Most of all, I just want to take this opportunity to say thanks.

I have been blessed. It’s truly been a pleasure writing for all of you.



7 Responses to “Our Last Blog”

  1. Steve, unlike over the hill athletes just hanging on, your skills are as sharp as ever. However, being retired myself, I fully understand the points you are making. If it has got to the point of being a grind and not fun for you, it is time to hang up your computer. Perhaps you could write a book about your experiences in the world of sports and the unforgettable characters you have interacted with, especially Bud Furillo. I know that the blog was the first thing I turned to in the morning and often spent considerable time in cogitating my responses. Going to miss you my friend. Drop me a line and tell me who you like in the Derby. God bless you.

  2. Well, it is a few minutes past 8am on a Monday morning and being a character of habit, I grab a cup of coffee and head to the computor to read the Bisheff Blog.

    We had to say goodbye to the likes of Jim Murray, Allan Mallamud (my spelling is all wrong). Even though you are still alive, your writing will be missed just the same! I will miss the most “All Opinions Day” the most!

    Thank you for your Blog. Wishing you, Marsha and the rest of the family all the best!

  3. Quality stuff over the years Steve. You will be missed. Your work was a welcome part of my daily habit.
    I can relate though as my two part time jobs with the Angels and golf course sometimes feels like too much.
    Best of luck with you and your family.

  4. I am sad you are retiring, but totally understand your motivations. I appreciate all you’ve shared with us, first through the Register and now online. My family and I wish you the best retirement ever!

  5. Steve, your the best! Hope you and Marsha can now enjoy a well deserved retirement. Your readers will dearly miss enjoying the Bisheff Blog, but we will survive. I know you will continue to write as only you can. How about a Bisheff Bio highlighting all the characters you grew up with in the early years, those you worked with at the Herald and in San Diego and Anaheim, and those you interviewed throughout the years in the sports world. There would be some real gems.

  6. Whenever I write a column that’s completely connected to a breaking news story, I say “that was a Bisheff column.” It might have been around 1985, or so, when Bish told me he tried as much as he could to make his columns ones in which he is reacting to breaking news.

    I learned that, and about a zillion other things, from Bisheff. The best lessons — be fair; respect everyone, fear no one.

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