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Memories Of Pauley, The Duke And ‘T’

February 27, 2011

It was one of those emotional sports weekends for me, beginning with that final game at the soon-to-be renovated Pauley Pavilion. To have it end the way it did, to have John Wooden’s great grandson, Tyler Trapani, be there, under the basket, to grab a missed shot and put in the final two points in […]

This Is What’s Wrong With College Basketball

February 24, 2011

It was just a short, passing item in a newspaper account the other day, but it told you everything that is wrong with college basketball. The day before their latest solid victory over Arizona State, several UCLA Bruins, including sophomores Reeves Nelson and Tyler Honeycutt, junior Malcolm Lee and freshman Joshua Smith, were queried about […]

It’s All Opinions Day

February 22, 2011

They’re only opinions, but at least they’re all mine: Talk to me about the Lakers being back to their old championship selves when Andrew Bynum has two big defensive games in a row . . . The best thing about the Carmelo Anthony trade is that it was finally consummated. The speculation leading up to […]

Wild Times For Lavin And Howland

February 20, 2011

UCLA’s former coach and its current one can commiserate these days. Steve Lavin and Ben Howland have had some wild times. Lavin’s St. John’s team has been a lot like his old Bruin clubs. It upsets the good teams and loses to the inferior types. But give “Lav,” as they used to call him in […]

Let’s Just Say It: Lakers Won’t Even Make Finals

February 17, 2011

No one in Southern California wants to come out and say what is becoming more obvious by the day. So allow me to be the first: The Lakers won’t even make it to the NBA Finals. As much as people have tried to overlook the sluggish performances, the lack of hunger, the horrible losses, including […]

It’s All Opinions Day

February 15, 2011

They’re only opinions, but at least they’re all mine: Is it just me, or does it seem strange to hear Phil Jackson continue to rant about the Lakers’ lack of effort? I thought a big part of his job was motivating his guys to play hard . . . Actually, the Lakers have only two […]

Are You Ready For Some Baseball?

February 13, 2011

Ready or not, baseball is about to come bursting through the winter blahs, like Lady Gaga in her latest wild Grammys attire. Spring training opens this week in Arizona and Florida, so it seems only fitting to offer a quick primer as you begin scouring the daily bulletins amid all the early calisthenics and fundamental […]

It’s All Opinions Day

February 10, 2011

They’re only opinions, but at least they’re all mine: Was it just me, or did Andrew Bynum look considerably more energized in that big Lakers’ win in Boston Thursday night? Wonder why . . . And yes, in case anyone was wondering, Kobe still knows how to close out big games . . . Don’t […]

Carmelo For Bynum Sounds Good, But . . .

February 8, 2011

The internet is alive with rumors the Lakers and Denver Nuggets have begun talks about a blockbuster Carmelo Anthony for Andrew Bynum trade. Talk about a deal that would shake up the NBA power structure. As exciting as it is to contemplate and as much as Bynum’s potential has slipped in the minds of many, […]

The Diffference: Big Ben And Steelers Made Big Mistakes; Rodgers And Pack Didn’t

February 6, 2011

The difference in The Big Game was The Big Mistakes. Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers made too many. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers hardly made any. That’s why Green Bay brought the Lombardi Trophy back home on Sunday. Pittsburgh out-gained and out-muscled the guys from Wisconsin, but they didn’t out-execute them. The result was a […]