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The Scott Boras Phone Call That Could Happen

December 30, 2010

(This is an imaginary phone call, but one that could very well happen sometime soon, if it hasn’t happened already. The caller is Jered Weaver, Angels’ pitcher. It is placed to Scott Boras, Weaver’s agent.) “Hello, Scott? It’s me, Jered.” “Hey, Jered. What’s up?” “Actually, I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year, […]

It’s All Opinions Day

December 28, 2010

They’re only opinions, but at least they’re all mine: The main thing wrong with the Lakers right now is that Kobe Bryant isn’t playing like Kobe Bryant . . . Question: How many bad shots did Kobe take in San Antonio? Answer: Too many. Waaaay too many . . . Seriously, when his jumper isn’t […]

No hunger, No Defense, No Bynum: Bad Lakers Mix

December 25, 2010

There was no Ho-Ho-Hoing about this one. The Lakers not only looked like Grinches in their new lime green sneakers, they played that way. Miami’s Big Three didn’t just beat Phil Jackson’s guys, they hammered them, 96-80, in a Christmas Day mismatch that was never really close. So what exactly is wrong with the two-time […]

NCAA Doesn’t Have Any Credibility Left

December 23, 2010

Give the NCAA this much: At least it’s consistent. Every time it makes an announcement, it blows your mind. Take the hypocritical organization’s latest weak excuse for a punishment of a college football infraction. Five of Ohio State’s best players, including Heisman-caliber quarterback Terrelle Pryor, are caught selling various apparel, including rings and other awards, […]

It’s All Opinions Day

December 21, 2010

They’re only opinions, but at least they’re all mine: You don’t think the Lakers were caught looking ahead to LeBron and Miami on Tuesday night, do you? . . . UConn has broken the record now, so everybody is comparing Geno Auriemma with the late John Wooden. Well, I’ll tell you one thing that’s different. […]

What Arte Isn’t Telling You

December 19, 2010

The real Arte Moreno has stood up, all right. The Angels’ owner finally has admitted that, contrary to earlier reports, he wasn’t ready to match, or even come close, to the $142 million the Red Sox gave to Carl Crawford. He also has reiterated, in his new poor-me posture, that he can’t afford to compete […]

The Blog Is Back . . .In A New Form

December 15, 2010

First thing I want to do is thank all the people who took the time to write such kind comments after my “Blog At A Crossroads” piece last week. It really is gratifying to know some of you not only enjoy but look forward to the blog on a regular basis. As much fun as […]

The Blog At A Crossroads

December 9, 2010

I started this blog reluctantly eight months ago after much urging from family, friends and former readers of my newspaper column. My reluctance wasn’t that I was tired of writing. I’ve always loved to write. But the idea of producing five blogs a week — and I felt that’s what it needed to be if […]

OK, Explain This One, Arte

December 8, 2010

So Arte Moreno will do whatever it takes to win, huh? Yeah, right. As long as “whatever” doesn’t mean putting up the necessary cash. The Angels’ owner has been exposed, once and for all, as someone who isn’t ready to compete with baseball’s heavyweights. The Boston Red Sox proved it late Wednesday when they stole […]

It’s All Opinions Day

December 8, 2010

They’re only opinions, but at least they’re all mine: Sorry, but I’m not buying this new rumor that the Angels are suddenly in the thick of the Cliff Lee bidding. To me, Lee is as big a cinch to sign with the Yankees as Derek Jeter was . . . It is beginning to feel, […]