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Where Does USC Go From Here?

October 31, 2010

It is the question all USC fans will be asking this week. Where do the Trojans go from here? Despite all the gloom following the 53-32 loss to as-good-as-advertised Oregon, let’s not forget that was a helluva football game for 49 minutes. It was 32-29 USC with 26 minutes to play, and it’s no disgrace […]

USC-Oregon: It’s All About Tackling

October 28, 2010

As match ups go, this isn’t exactly a USC dream scenario. The most difficult team to tackle in America against an opponent that, until its last game, was tackling as poorly as any group in the country. The Oregon Blurs vs. the USC Whiffs. More than any game in recent memory, this one comes down […]

Griffin Is A Star, But . . .

October 27, 2010

There are rookies with talent, and then there are the rare few. The ones with star power that immediately blows you away. Blake Griffin belongs with that latter group. You could see it right away in his opening game in the NBA Wednesday night. The moves, the jumping ability, the explosiveness. The way you can’t […]

It’s All Opinions Day

October 27, 2010

They’re only opinions, but at least they’re all mine: Biggest opening night surprise for the Lakers? Two words: Shannon Brown . . . If the champs’ most athletic player can start hitting threes like that, it’s yet another major weapon in Phil Jackson’s arsenal . . . The Miami Heat didn’t exactly stink up the […]

Eventually, Lakers Will Be Better; Just Not Now

October 25, 2010

The Lakers will be a better team this year . . .eventually. The trick will be not to panic early, when Kobe Bryant’s knee isn’t near 100 per cent and Andrew Bynum isn’t around and the new guys like Steve Blake and Matt Barnes are still adjusting to the intricacies of the triangle offense. Tonight’s […]

‘Series, Offseason, Angels’ Future: It All Centers Around Lee

October 24, 2010

It is all about Cliff Lee from now on. The World Series, baseball’s offseason, the future of the Yankees, Red Sox and Angels. The whole crazy scene revolves around the best postseason pitcher of our generation. Before you start to argue, you should know Lee’s numbers are now better than anything Roger Clemens or Curt […]

That Yellow Blur? Oh, It’s Just Oregon

October 21, 2010

Oregoncanscorereallyfast. No, that first sentence isn’t a typo. I just thought I’d better try to write as fast as Oregon’s Ducks play football, which is just about the fastest anybody has ever seen. It was certainly the fastest UCLA has seen. And after that 60-13 demolition by the blurs in their canary yellow uniforms, you […]

Another Side To Arte And The Angels

October 20, 2010

It has been a common exercise in the media of late. With the McCourt divorce case throwing the Dodgers into chaos, people have paused to praise the Angels and Arte Moreno, who seem to be doing everything perfect by comparison. Unless, of course, you look a little closer and notice that things are far from […]

It’s All Opinions Day

October 19, 2010

They’re only opinions, but at least they’re all mine: Yes, the Rangers are in great shape now, and yes, Josh Hamilton is more imposing than anybody in the Yankees’ big payroll lineup . . . We all knew the Giants’ Cody Ross would be the big hero of the NLCS, right? Yeah, sure we did […]

Jocks Should Take Anti-Bullying Stand

October 18, 2010

Sometimes an issue comes along that is so serious it begs for someone to take a stand. The bullying crisis that has led to a rash of teen suicides is just such an issue, and I think I know who can — and should — take this on. Athletes across America, the ones who always […]