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Favre Loves This Stuff

The more you watch Brett Favre, the more you come to the same conclusion.

The guy loves this stuff.

He loves the intrigue, the mystery, the idea of keeping not only his team but the entire sport hanging. One of the greatest quarterbacks of our time also has become . . .well, a diva.

He pulled this “Maybe I’ll retire, maybe I won’t” routine a couple of times in Green Bay before the Packers grew tired of it and moved on. He did it briefly with the Jets. He did it with the Vikings last year. And now he is doing it again.

You get the sense he enjoys every minute, every headline, every new sound bite. ESPN practically holds its breath every time Favre burps, and you can almost see Brett in the background smiling and soaking it up.

Some say this summer is different. He has a bad ankle and it is not healing as fast as he would like. So he has to wait until he knows if it will hold up for another season.

Uh, OK. Maybe that’s right. But after observing Favre all these summers, I think he’d be doing this either way. Look, he’s like every other veteran in the NFL. He hates training camp. He doesn’t need it to get ready. He also knows the Vikings are desperate to have him back. Wouldn’t you be, if Tarvaris Jackson were your other option at quarterback? Going from Favre to Jackson is like going from Roy Halladay to Scott Kazmir.

So, Favre figures, why go into camp and sweat and strain in the hot sun when you can relax somewhere, go out and throw the ball at your leisure and then report just before the season starts, maybe even, as some reports indicate, for a considerable raise in pay?

OK, but why does he suddenly text his Vikings buddies early this week that he’s done, that it’s all over? Why do that, and then 24 hours later, claim you still haven’t decided and you’re likely to play again if the ankle gets better?

I’ll tell you why. Because he loves the attention. He loves stirring it up and watching everyone scramble.

Even the oddsmakers in Las Vegas don’t know what to do with the situation. Do they make the Vikes, with Brett, one of the preseason NFC favorites? Or, without Favre, do they drop them deep into the also-ran basket?

And so the summer soap opera continues.

Well, do me a favor, please. Count me among those who had it up to here with the whole, drawn-out, overhyped drama.

The truth is, Favre isn’t being fair to the NFL or to the Vikings, let alone their fans. What he is proving this August is what he has demonstrated for the past several summers.

The only one he really cares about is himself.

— Steve Bisheff


One Response to “Favre Loves This Stuff”

  1. Steve, you were never more correct than you are on this one. Favre has gamed the system with his various retirements in that he was able to pick the team he wanted to play for, unlike those other poor saps who had contracts and were subject to team wishes. The retirement show on ESPN was laughable, with all of the tributes. No more Favre retirement stuff, please. If the guy does play this year, there are two teams that I will pull against. Whoever Michael Vick is playing for and the Vikings.

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