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Dodgers’ Word For The Day is ‘Bonehead’


That’s the only word that describes the way the Dodgers are playing baseball at the moment.

Only Wednesday night, in the ninth inning at Anaheim, it was even better than that. It was your basic Double Bonehead performance.

Seriously, the only thing that would have topped it is if Joe Torre emerged from the dugout afterward and someone had thrown a pie in his face.

I’ve seen some screwed-up ninth innings before, but few have compared to this one. First, Matt Kemp, who has had something of a history of bad baserunning, managed to get picked off second base. That was bad enough. What made it even more embarrassing is that he was the potential tying run in a 2-1 game.

Wait, it gets better. Or worse. With runners on first and second and two outs in the midst of yet another shaky inning by Angels’ closer Brian Fuentes, pinch hitter Jamey Carroll bloops a single to left field.

Pinch runner Reed Johnson is about to score from second to tie the game when, lo and behold, left fielder Juan Rivera picks up the ball and throws behind Russell Martin, who has just overrun second base. Startled, Martin dives back, only to have Howie Kendrick and the baseball waiting for him. Yes, he is out.

That, alone, wouldn’t have been so terrible, except the out was recorded several clear seconds before Johnson made it to home plate with the run that would have tied it.

Yep. Game over.

So one Dodger gets picked off second, the other overruns it and together they run their team right out of the game. Bet that clubhouse was a lot of fun to be in afterward.

For all those wondering why the Dodgers seem to be in a serious nosedive at the moment, now you know. They are not only playing bad baseball, they are playing dumb baseball.

Hey, the Angels did everything they could to get them back in this one. Brandon Wood, who really isn’t a big league shortstop, made an error on a throw to allow the first baserunner. Then Fuentes, who continues to close despite everyone but Mike Scioscia thinking he should be replaced, allowed a walk and two base hits.

And still the Dodgers couldn’t take advantage. Torre’s pitching staff is questionable enough. But if his guys continue playing like this, he might as well take Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade and the rest of the group opening in that new comedy this week and put them in L.A. uniforms.

There would be only one real discernible difference.

Sandler and friends are actually trying to be funny.

— Steve Bisheff


2 Responses to “Dodgers’ Word For The Day is ‘Bonehead’”

  1. After watching last nights game, I was hoping Steve would have a blog on this! Well said!

  2. Kemp and Martin were both bad, but then so was Reed Johnson. The reply clearly showed that he sped up halfway between third and home when, apparently, he must have realized that something was happening. The fact that he sped up means that he was not going full speed at the time. This is what you want out of a pinch runner?

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