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How Lakers’ Offseason Should Go

Parade Day is always a fun time in L.A., where the post NBA Championship celebration officially starts an offseason that often is even more entertaining.

This one should be a riot, no pun intended, in case the downtown police are still hovering. Seriously, beginning with LeBron James, mega-free agents are floating around everywhere you look, and some major decisions have to be made, beginning right here, at Staples Center Central.

Just to kick it all off, allow us to suggest the three biggest moves the Lakers can make:

1. Re-sign Phil Jackson. Come on, Dr. Buss, this is a no-brainer. Kobe wants him back. The fans want him back. Your daughter, his live-in girl friend, wants him back. More important, the guy is piling up more rings than a Beverly Hills jeweler. How can you guys go for another Three Peat movie without your famous director? If you really have to cut his salary, make it a small decrease to save face. But bring him back. If he goes, much of the aura of this team goes with him.

2. If the internet rumors are correct, and there really is a Chris Bosh for Andrew Bynum and Jordan Farmer trade out there, jump on it. Bosh is a proven commodity, an all-star caliber big man who would fit in beautifully with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol and take some of the heat off the other key contributors/wackos, Ron Artest and Lamar Odom. Bynum still has enormous potential, but if the kid isn’t permanently injury prone, he’s sure fooled us so far. I know you can’t count on rumors, but if a team like Toronto is willing to gamble, give the Raptors Andrew and Farmar, a guard I still think is somewhat underrated, and count your blessings. Bosh not only is a good player, he supposedly is a good guy. No telling how many titles you might win with him out on the court and inside the locker room every night.

3. Sign a legitimate shooter. Am I the only one who thinks the Lakers are crazy for not having one? Think back to Game 7. How many times did Artest and Odom clank outside shots and make you angry at key points that night? When Kobe is off, the way he was for three quarters, there is no one else on this team who can consistently hit 3s. We’re not talking about an all-star here. Just a proven spot-up shooter, a Steve Kerr-like guard who can stand out there when opponents clog the paint and wait for his opportunity to fire away. I love Derek Fisher, but sorry, he’s not the answer. The new guy doesn’t have to start. He just has to be a role player. Someone clue in Mitch Kupchak. These types are not that hard to find. Honest.

So there you have it. If the Lakers can pull off all three, you can start planning next year’s parade already. Even two out of the three might get it done.

Let Mssrs. James and Wade land where they might. A few tweaks here and there, and, as usual, next year’s NBA Playoffs will still have to go through the heart of downtown L.A.

— Steve Bisheff


2 Responses to “How Lakers’ Offseason Should Go”

  1. Really love your way of thinking!

  2. Chris Bosh would be a great addition to the Lakers. However, I believe the team needs a point guard also. One may love Derek Fisher, but to depend on him for another season would not be wise. The rumor is that Jerry Buss wants to go back to fast break basketball. There are two roadblocks to this–Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson.

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