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Freak Accident? Must Be The Angels

It could only happen to the Angels.

This is the only team in major league baseball that could have its best player severely injured at home plate after hitting a walkoff grand slam home run.

Impossible, you say? Not for these guys.

This is the same team that had Mo Vaughn trip on the dugout steps and injure his foot in the very first inning of  the multimillion dollar free agent’s first game in a Anaheim uniform. The same team that once had Chuck Finley, its best pitcher, seriously injured just standing behind the batting cage in spring training. The same team that once had its All-Star outfielder, Lyman Bostock, tragically murdered in a macabre off-field incident in the Midwest in the middle of the season. And of course the same team that had its best young pitcher, Nick Adenhart, killed in a terrible traffic accident just 13 months ago.

As wild, freakish things go, does this one top them all? Well, it’s close.

Kendry Morales, by far the club’s most productive hitter with 11 home runs and 39 RBIs, somehow managed to fracture his left leg just trotting in to score, amid a wild 10th inning celebration at home plate at Angel Stadium on Saturday.

It appeared he landed on another player’s foot, twisting his own. He was on his back for about 15 minutes, as Mike Scioscia, his coaches and Morales’ teammates looked on in alarm. Finally, the leg was put in a plastic cast and he was taken off on a stretcher, obviously headed to the hospital for X-rays.

When it was determined later that it was a fracture, the club put him on the 15 day dissabled list, but that’s just a formality. He will be out indefinitely, probably for the remainder of the season, all but killing the team’s already shaky chances in the AL West.

For a long time, before the Angels finally won the World Series in 2002, the popular theory was this team was cursed. There was talk of the ballpark being built on an old Indian burial ground and strange spells that had been put on the club.

Nobody really believed that, but the more you watched this team, the more you had to wonder. When they finally won it all in ’02, talk of the curse finally stopped.

Morales’ injury, coming this soon after the heartbreaking Adenhart accident, probably will ignite that conversation all over again. It shouldn’t, but it will.

Whatever the cause, you can’t deny one obvious fact:

Crazy things continue to happen to these guys.

— Steve Bisheff


One Response to “Freak Accident? Must Be The Angels”

  1. Lyman Bostock’s demise was truly unfortunate. He was an all-star type player who was also a team player and was truly humble. He even offered to repay the club part of his salary because he had a relatively subpar year. I am glad Bisheff mentioned this fine player and person. He has all but been forgotten.

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