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A rare Odom sighting

Oh, it’s that Lamar. Can you come in? Absolutely, of course you can.

How nice of you to bring the 19 points and 19 rebounds with you.

Hope you and that fiery, aggressive style can come back again soon. What’s that? We shouldn’t count on it? Some times the mood strikes you, and other times it doesn’t?

That’s OK, Lamar. We understand. We’ve been watching it for a long time now.

Yes, the enigma that is Lamar Odom is at it again. This guy might be the greatest tease in professional sports. Did you see him Monday night? Did you watch him set the tone for the Lakers, getting 15 points in the first half, raging through the paint, showing his extraordinary ability to snake in there and score lay ups and gobble up missed shots and generally create chaos for the Phoenix Suns.

Sure, Kobe Bryant eventually took over that 128-107 Game 1 romp. But it was Odom, on a night when Andrew Bynum and his sore knee weren’t up to the task, who provided the energy and spark the Lakers needed to complement Kobe.

Lamar can do that. He can do almost anything on the court. At 6-9 or 6-10 or whatever he is, he has crazy skills and the ability to create match up nightmares. Unfortunately, if the talent is there, the motivation is often missing.

That’s why Odom could be as frustrating in Game 2 as he was devastating in Game 1. You just never know with him.

If Lamar had that inner fire that burns in Kobe, he, too, would be an All-Pro. He could be Scottie Pippen to Bryant’s Michael Jordan. But somehow it’s never worked out that way.

It wasn’t until Pau Gasol arrived that the Lakers became a great team again. If Gasol isn’t as physically gifted as Odom, he is far more consistent. He performs night in and night out, a knack that has always eluded Lamar.

Did you hear Odom talk about it after Game 1? He said he decided to be more aggressive, instead of waiting for the game to come to him. Yeah, good decision there, Lamar, especially against the undersized Suns.

You could do this every game if you want. Of course, you rarely do.

That’s why the Lakers and their fans see these occasional Odom sightings and take them for what they are. They are a nice place to visit.

They just know they’re never going to live there full time.

— Steve Bisheff


2 Responses to “A rare Odom sighting”

  1. I guess it is against the rules to criticize Phil Jackson for his lack of coaching. For anyone familiar with the movie Being There, the media treats Jackson as if he were Chauncey Gardner while he is actually more like Chance the gardener.

  2. So true!

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