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Kiffin: Tebow will be ‘special’

The biggest post-question mark of the NFL Draft is Tim Tebow. Will he make it in the pros, or not?

The coach who might be best prepared to provide the answer says he not only will make it, he will be a star.

Lane Kiffin, the new head coach at USC, previously was the head coach of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders, then the head coach at Tennessee, where he witnessed Tebow first hand.

“He will be a special player (in the NFL),  just as he always has been,” Kiffin says.

“People say he doesn’t throw a perfect spiral and all that, but they were saying the same things about him when he came out of high school. He went on to become one of the greatest college quarterbacks ever, and I think he’ll do the same thing in the NFL.

“He’s just such a unique personality. The guy is an incredible competitor and leader. He’s always been that way, and I think he’ll be that way again.”

Tebow, the most discussed college player coming into the draft, was selected late in the first round by the Denver Broncos. Many felt it was a mistake, and some contend he eventually will have to switch positions in the NFL.

But Broncos coach Josh McDaniels has already stated that Tebow will be a quarterback in Denver. Period. The Broncos are acting like the former Heisman Trophy winner from Florida will be the new face of the franchise.

Kiffin seems to agree.

“He’s just such a special kid,” the USC coach says. ‘He’ll do whatever he has to do to succeed.”

— Steve Bisheff


2 Responses to “Kiffin: Tebow will be ‘special’”

  1. Steve–I value your opinion more than Kiffin’s. I would think that he made several similar personnel evaluations with the Raiders. Tebow will be good in the wildcat formation, but otherwise reminds me of Michael Vick just not as good.

  2. Steve,
    I have grown to love Tebow in last two years at Florida. I love his passion and drive and his willingness to learn. I think he can benefit from learning under McDaniels.

    But I really believe that McDaniels thinks he really is good enough to get Tebow to elite status and this might be a tough task to handle. McDaniels suffers from the school of Belichick where he thinks he is hot stuff and he is going to find out that coaching is a different beast than being an assistant.

    If you look at the track records of Belichick disciples, none of them have been successful enough to warrant praise. Romeo’s stint ended as well as Weis’ and Mangini has been OK.

    I wish McDaniels the best but getting that Bronco team turned around will take a couple of years. And the climate we are in, teams want production immediately even though it is unfair to put that amount of pressure on a coach.

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