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My New Adventure

Welcome to The Bisheff Blog, my new adventure into the blogging world. I have to admit I had been a bit stubborn about starting this, but I’ve had so many friends and readers of my former columns, blogs and books urging me, I finally have relented.

This will be, first and foremost, a blog for sports fans. It will cover all sports, but it is likely to be heavy on some of my favorites, like USC football and Angels baseball, to name a couple. Don’t worry, though, I won’t hesitate to touch on the Lakers, Dodgers, UCLA and anything else I think is topical. That will be the key, just as I tried to make it in my previous journalistic work. Write about what the readers want to read.

Call it the goal of The Bisheff Blog.

I hope many of you will be eager to join in and send comments and suggestions. If it works out, this could be a fun ride for all of us.


5 Responses to “My New Adventure”

  1. It is great to have the “dean” of Socal sports writers back in the format where he can do the most good. Steve, it has been too long since we have been graced with your unique view point on the world of sports.

  2. Have missed it all this time. Looking forward to it.

  3. YAY — you’re back! Really looking forward to our online conversations here!

  4. Atta boy Steve…can’t wait for those articles about UCLA ! Seriously, glad you’re back !

  5. Welcome back dean Steve. . Now I can sound well informed again when I schmoose about sports. Steve is the only one speaking to points I want to know about. Thanks for returning.

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